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We create events aiming to spear the voice for children and gather for support. Please update

with our events and confirm your presence.

Our Society has been striving hard to cater to the needs of education in rural/tribal youth and  students since its inception in 2015 to give them a separate identity of there own promoting and enhancing the potentialities in their personalities, so that they would be strong enough to face the challenges of life and time our society works with the people who reside in very remote areas from the mainstream development facilities, education and primary medical facilities.


The journey of our organization began in 2015 for the people from the remote parts of rural and tribal areas of Amravati District. Mainly those from the economically backward classes such as farmers, workers, laborers, an agricultural laborer who depend upon uncertain wages and belong to unorganized sector, underprivileged youth, women and malnutrition children.


Society has a huge vision and dream and with a view to fulfilling the same as well as keeping in the mind the future prospects in the educational, social, cultural and health sector.